Nokia 6020 & moto v3i for sale!

gd aftrnn forumers,
i have 2 hndphne to let go at rm200 per pieces
if u wish to buy both, im willing to let go at rm350
all item inclusive of
a)1 unit of the phone set
c)1 unit battery
sorry no more box
a few minor scratches on phone but rest assure phone in good working condtn
preferebly c.o.d in miri but buyers from outside also welcome providing you borne the postge
any queries pls call o sms to my numb 019 4820058
pm is also ok but it might take time for me to reply as i am seldom on9 @

laaaa…lambat kau post to fhamie…bok jak balit dari miri, mun aku rah miri, dah aku angkut…

lol.I remember when Motorola V3 was one of the most craving phones.
By the way,
fhamie, masih main pool sik?

main snook nya, ne da gago mok main pool gik…kaki david snooker…heehehe…

im interested, PM me

bah, sapa mauk mbak ku main pool/snooker tek? heheheheh

bulat: pm u already, plz chck


item sold bos, kasi tutup ini topic…thks