No water in senadin

Hey its happened again. No water in senadin. Last time was a busted pipe, i wonder what happened this time. Anyone know?

burst pipe again. called LAKU few mins ago. :frowning:

Did they say what caused the burst pipe?

Anybody know how long to reply the burst pipe this time ? u know it is very inconvenience for the residents here…LAKU…cepat please…

monopoly business u like it or not no choice we still have to wait.
not laku cepat lah it is laku contractor cepat lah.

but today is a sunday… they wait till monday then do or??

they always like to do work on sunday & public holiday lar!!! if not how they claim OverTime!!!

you think maybe the supermarkets cause this to boost sale of mineral water?

huh??? r u primary student or kinder garden??? why posted so childish question here???

how do you explain this then?

sorry oh, i m not LAKU MANAGEMENT and how to explain to u???
somemore, if no water then u blame supermarket to boost mineral water!!
then no electricity u blame supermarket or machinery shop or HONG SENG RECOND SHOP wanna boost the battery or generator set???

someone’s pissed

water’s back!!

terima kasuut laku + laku contracktor…

good to heard that, so supermarket no need to selling mineral water or mineral water liao!!! lolz