No open burning, even at backyard – MCC

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MIRI: Miri City Council (MCC) is seeking total cooperation from members of the public not to conduct any open burning even at the backyard of their house.

With the current dry spell and a number of bush fire cases reported in Miri, the practice of open burning should be totally prohibited, mayor Adam Yii said.

“The air pollution is getting from bad to worse. Everywhere you can notice the tiny particles of burnt ashes in the air, entering homes and offices,” he stated in a press statement yesterday regarding the latest peat fire in Kuala Baram.

In light of this, Yii urged the people to avoid outdoor activities if possible and drink lots of water and, if necessary, wear face mask for protection against air pollution.

At the same time, he thanked Fire and Rescue Department personnel for their untiring and great efforts to control and put out the peat fires reported in several areas in the city.

“They have risked their health to safeguard public and private properties and contain the spread of wild fire so that we can breathe fresh and clean air during the present unpleasant environment.

“Likewise, the general public should give their full co-operation to them.”

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