No one allowed to retain MyKads of visitors


Others cant retain them
JAINISAH MOHD NOOR, Public Relations Officer, National Registration Department

March 27: I REFER to S. Ragunathans letter, “Identity card doubts: Issue clear guidelines to public” (NST, March 20).

Under Rule 8 of the National Registration Act 1959 (Act 78 ), no one is allowed to retain the MyKad of visitors before granting them entry into restricted government and private premises.

Under the rule, officers can ask visitors entering restricted areas to produce their identification papers for recording and verification purposes.

When the officer is satisfied, the identification card must be returned to its owner.

The officer should then issue a pass or permit to allow the visitor to enter the restricted premises.

It is up to heads of department or owners of premises to find the best way to record the movement of visitors.