No More Lamb Michael Steamboat

Hi all,

Since Michael Steamboat topic is locked. I open this topic is not to blame this restaurant but feedback after the restaurant tauke knows that his restaurant got complaint from people here. I and my friends about 20 person eat at Michael steamboat yesterday. My reason is just want to know the improvement after the complaining. Talking about lamb before and the good news is no more lamb serves on his menu. I also have heard the tauke don’t care too much about complaining was made by here. He change lamb meat to ordinary meat. One more things his restaurant get more customer on that day. Hope more Steamboat Restaurant open in Miri City.

Peace to Miri City :mrgreen:

lol??? He saw the thread about his restaurant at

Owh ic he saw this thread. I have heard from the mouth of his worker, their tauke get bad mood on the that day… :slight_smile:


it seen that michael steamboat not intend to improve… Let see how / when the business going down the drain…

he opened his shop long ago…


but not complained…

Eat beef also can meh…

I wonder ordinary meat as in??? Chicken? No way it can be pork. :roll:

i wondered who voted YES lol

If he can’t accept the feedback from the general public, then why bother going there again… find other place… pay more but you get what you want.

for me never go there anymore unless if someone sponsor me to eat there… :mrgreen:

funny thread
if u cannot afford to spend 23 on micheal steamboard go else way lah. why wanna do a poll.
or u can open up stall we all pay u 23 then eat kao kao there.

There must be good things about michael steamboat that make it survived for so long. :smiley:

yupz, because they are the only in Miri

I wonder ordinary meat as in??? Chicken? No way it can be pork. :roll:[/quote]

Change lamb to beef now :!:

No more lamb :o

you’re right we complain about beef then Michael would change back to lamb :slight_smile:

complain too much lah…

Since some ppl not happy, better ask M.S.B. to close down the shop…

End of story!!! everybody happy.

give serve more choice of food… :mrgreen: