No mad rush to buy black shoes for new school year

Parents shop at a ‘back-to-school’ promotion in one of shopping complexes in Miri.

MIRI: There was no mad rush to buy black school shoes here in preparation for the new school year following an announcement on the gradual implementation of black school shoes policy by the Education Ministry recently.

The ministry had stated that students must stop using the white school shoes and opt for the black ones from 2021.

“I believe this gradual implementation is a big relief for most parents as a circular issued to every school by the Ministry of Education said that the policy will be implemented in both government schools and government-aided school throughout the country.

“The ministry later clarified that it will remain optional before 2021,” said Roslan Jariee, a father of four when met at a ‘back-to-school’ promotion in one of shopping complexes here.

“Imagine the financial burden I will face in buying all my three school-going children new black shoes,” he said.

It was understood that the ministry came up with the gradual implementation after taking into consideration various factors including parents who might have already brought new white shoes for their children, could not afford to buy new ones as well as the concern of shoe-store operators and suppliers.

Meanwhile, although black school shoes will be compulsory by 2021, most shoe store operators have started selling black school shoes in ‘back-to-school’ promotions across the city.