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cute !!! cute !!! ^^

wow, that’s really CUTE!! hope those puppies get good new homes… :lol: :lol:

I hope so too. :slight_smile: Good homes I hope. Sad to let them go, but I can’t afford too many and my compound is not big enough for all of them. Originally I had 10. but now I only have 3 left. keeping one for myself.

hey bro, still got male de ma ?

Sorry Leo. Out of 10 only 2 males. The rest, female. My friend already took them a few days ago. :slight_smile:

No need males la. kencing everywhere la. Car tyre also kena kau kau. LOL Female best. Clean and smart.

=.= … hmmm … female arr … hmm … bro, u still got wud colour de ? hihi

I have 1 black and 2 brown puppies left. :slight_smile:

hmm … lemme consider 1st ya bro … let u noe 2molo … hihi …

Sure, no problem.

SO CUTE!!! Fat again lolx!

oh ya, len7, wud is the basic need of takin care of a dog arr ? i mean proper basic needs lor , like vaccination, foods, cage, medicine n others ? roughly , how much does it cost ? wanna take it into account 1st b4 makin up my mind … hehe

free the dog ar?? RM0? or RM25 with dog food?

Glad you asked. unfortunately for some dogs in Miri, they are generally poorly looked after.

  1. they need alot of attention and luvin
  2. vaccination once a year - approximately rm80 to rm90 per dog. gets higher every year because of new types of vaccinations.
  3. Regular exercise for you and the dog.
  4. A good bath maybe once every 2 weeks. Best not in cold weather.
  5. Price of cage and stuff like that, you’ll need to check with the pet stores.
  6. A good brand of flea collar which will last about 3 to 4 months. About rm25 for a good german brand. Cannot put on puppies yet.

Hope this helps.

Not exactly free la. The price of the dry puppy dog food bag is rm25.00 at Dr Ling’s. :slight_smile:

Just barter trade la. :slight_smile: Consider good deal bah.

yup yup, i’ve seen a loooooooooot of poorly looked after dogs … pity dogs n bad owners … hmmm … i’m gettin interested coz i wanna get a pet since i’m still single … T.T

lovely and cute pupppy~~~

i have 3 doggy ler, hmm…
should get a new member to the family…

pmed u my contact, ^^

they looked yummy!!

i mean cute…

*evil grin :mrgreen:

wao~! so cute… the doggie for sell or gv away???

if my house got gate then sur ei will take one…