No-frills flights? No thanks, says select Miri group


Sunday August 6, 2006

No-frills flights? No thanks, says select Miri group


MIRI: They are high-profile businessmen and politicians. They are used to travelling first- or business-class on major airlines because of their reputation and wealth.

Now, when travelling between Miri and Kota Kinabalu, they find themselves having to jostle and hassle for economy class seats on a budget airline along with the common folk because Malaysia Airlines (MAS) has stopped flying this route.

The national carrier had handed over the Miri-KK-Miri sector to no-frills airline AirAsia, along with 95 other non-trunk routes nationwide following the route-rationalisation exercise from last Tuesday.

Some high-profile people, who are used to first-class treatment and first-class convenience, are finding it hard to adjust to the situation.

The Star learnt that some prominent people in Miri are fighting hard to have MAS reinstall the Miri-KK-Miri route so that they can continue enjoying business-class facilities.

Many prominent folk in the business and politics circles in Miri fly regularly to KK since the Sabah state capital is a focal transit point for them to fly to overseas destination.

MAS operates daily direct flights to many overseas destinations from KK, such as to Hong Kong, Shanghai, Taipei, , Beijing, Manila, Singapore and other major regional airports.

To them, having to use low-cost airlines is a loss of status. That is why, over the past few months, they have been lobbying hard for MAS to reinstate the Miri-KK-Miri sector, said a source familiar with the issue.

Politicians and business folk in Miri are also worried that high-profile business people from the capital and those from overseas coming in through Kota Kinabalu may not find it attractive to come to Miri, now that there is no more first-class flight.

Another fear is that overseas travellers entering Kota Kinabalu from foreign points may find it inconvenient to change airlines if they want to come to Miri.

Now there opens up a window for a niche market to charter to the very people like this.

Now every VIP can travel in style.

hehehe…maybe i should start my own private airline in Miri…should start y going to flying school first…but any one got money i can borrow to start my business… :smiley:

write out your business plan, i am sure many banks will line up to loan you the money…or even some private companies.