No bus to Lutong Dec 2014. How?


hree bus routes from Miri central axed to cut losses

by Cindy Lai, Posted on November 1, 2014,


The recent fuel hike of 20 sen has proven to be the last straw for Miri
Transport Co Sdn Bhd which will pull out three of its city stage bus
routes to cut losses.

Yeo reveals that the three stage bus routes which serve Bakam, Sungai
Rait and Lutong from city central will be stopped, beginning from Dec

Making the announcement yesterday, its general manager Yeo Yow Shun
revealed that the three stage bus routes to Bakam, Sungai Rait and
Lutong from city central will be stopped, urging commuters in these
areas to take note of the stoppage.

It is a very difficult decision. However, we do not have much of a
choice. Owing to the escalating maintenance and operating costs, fuel
hike, drop in demand and uncooperative passengers as well as a shortage
of drivers, the situation has taken its toll on the company. By putting a
halt to the routes in least demand, we could at least cut down on our
losses, he told a press conference.

Yeo revealed that three of its sub-company, namely Miri Belait, Miri
City Bus and Miri Transport, are facing an estimated loss of RM120,000
monthly, making the company struggling to make ends meet.

Naming the seven other routes which were pulled out of service since
early this year up to October, including Tanjong Lobang, Riam and
airport, Lambir, Pujut Corner and hospital, Piasau Link/ Piasau
Garden/Piasau Utara, Krokop and hospital, Yeo said the terminated routes
are notably those in south and central areas of Miri.

Except for Boulevard and Taman Tunku where there is still high demand
(for buses) among the residents, the remaining routes after December
2014, which we will still service are in the North like Permyjaya,
Senadin, Tudan, Kuala Baram and Pujut 4/7, he said.

As for the bus fare, Yeo assured that the rate would still remain the
same to ease the peoples burden.

In fact, we had lowered the price from the supposedly RM3.70 to RM3.20
which we maintained for over five years. The 50 sen really does make a
difference to those with lower income. Moreover, I do feel that
operating a public bus service doesnt count on how much profit we are
making anymore. Besides helping people we are coping so as not to face
any losses, he remarked.

Yeo also hoped the government would step in to assist bus operators to
make it a win-win situation for the people and bus operators.

Should business get better, with more passenger loads, we could create
more and better job opportunities. It really does make a huge
difference, he said.

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(whatman) #2

Start to encourage more to use bicycle, or use kereta / van sapu. RM120,000 loses is too much.

(Apocalypse) #3

It should be a Public service like other countries…

(kampuamien) #4

no wander “van sapu” @ ulat batu are happy. charging people so high price. just pay a visit at Miri General Hospital. A lot of them at bus stop inside Miri General Hospital making Miri General Hospital congested. Dont know what would Govt would do…Wait until some pedestrian who tumpang “Ulat Batu” died then Govt will take some action. but until then…just watch and see…~sigh~


Alan Ling Sie Kiong (DAP-Piasau) also had his motion on public transport in Miri rejected when he failed to obtain a seconder after he served a notice to Datuk Lee Kim Shin (BN-Senadin) to second his motion which concerned the people in Miri, therefore should be supported by Lee.

However, Lee refused to second it, saying that it is not proper to second an irregular motion.
Ling in the same press conference expressed his disappointment in Lee for not supporting him on a public transport issue affecting the people of Miri.
The transport company has stopped eight routes. It is affecting the workers.

Lee did not want to second the motion, saying that he has spoken to relevant authorities about the issue. If he is really concerned, the problem would have been solved as it started in January this year. There would be no need for me to move the motion.

This just shows that he is ineffective as an assistant minister. He did not play his role in solving and formulating policies to benefit the people, but instead had neglected issues faced by the people, Chiew said.

(gorshan) #6

its time for licensed Bas Mini same as those formerly used in KL known as BMW ( bas mini wilayah) with flat rate charge RM1 for any distance. this can kill off all van sapu and taxi haram in Miri.

if local authorities got brain , issue licenses only to residents of localities the bas minis plies to.

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