Njoi - no monthly fee satellite TV service


The first phase of Astro NJOIs three-phase plan will see 50,000 people from the Prime Ministers Offices eKasih programme receiving free decoders and satellite dishes as part of the companys corporate social responsibility (CSR) programme aimed at giving free access to education, information, entertainment and sports to low-income communities.

Its second phase will see the decoders being sold to the public at retail outlets in the first quarter of next year. After purchasing the decoders, consumers do not need to pay the monthly subscription.

The third phase will enable NJOI users to purchase additional programmes through a prepaid system

The NJOI package will include 37 channels with 18 TV and 19 radio channels, including education ones and news channels.

search gugel

Why 8TV, NTV7 not free to air station???

I guess they missed it out?

I hope this is not just propaganda TV for the poor…

no. ni tv3. no tv8. no media prima channel…

I wonder if the decoder will support HD output.

support HD… BN bankrupt…

Would be good to use at kampung. Free can tune more than just Tv1 & Tv2.

This is just like a story of a fisherman and a fish. Because , in today’s world , what ever thats been given out for “free”, always came with a tag. Nothing is free in today’s world except salvation from CHRIST JESUS todays. Be smart , think smart and stay smart always.

decoder need to buy lah…

Well at least the satellite tv will save me the headache of using the VHF antenna.

1 way of securing the monopoly, next all other parabolic dish will be deemed illegal.

nope 50k unit foc under e -kasih.
after that need $$$ to buy heard selling Rm 399 harga sembelih leher.
better use parabola look for kod foc tooooooo.

another move to get sympathy vote rakyat, first it’s the rm500.

free on air program means u can use parabola as lowest as 150 can get 5 feet parabola include decoder

the existing China Receiver / YURI can receive?

anyone already installed? how does the device look?

NJOI - The brainwashing channel :smiley:



the set cost RM288
installation fee to installer RM100

https://www.astro.com.my/tools/form.php … _topic=217

well, there is not free lunch from BN GOV. still need to pay

Using rakyat money to cheat the rakyat. All the channel to channel the brain wash & BN propaganda.