Nintendo DSi LL vs Sony PSP-3000

Look at the size of the DSi LL! :shock:

how come so big?

The Nintendo DSi LL was design to cater people that wanted bigger screen or complained that the DSi is too small for them.

its big…however its designed yeah for the purpose like wat whatman said

whats the price for dsi LL ??? can play downloaded games ???

Work same as DS lite…

i think can use A4 card to play download games…

DSi available in Miri, where and how much?

i wan to kno to

If not mistaken…almost same price as PSP 3000…
Parkson got sell…

any nice game on it?

DSi LL uses the same game as any other DS game.

another questions , obviously the screen is bigger …hmm … so is there any loss in game graphic quality ? u guys said its using the same game as the DS so they must strecthed the game to fit the ds LL screen … i dont really like to play games that u can the pixels up close and personal hahaha

its also made with old people in mind :smiley:

and yes, it will be stretched.

Graphic will be the same so yes screen will be stretched.

Keep in mind that DSi LL is not for people to replace their current DSi. Grown ups that have hard time looking at the DSi tiny screen would want to go for this.

lol is wat i say

whatman techkie house nw got sell dsi LL ady?

its not even released in NA yet.

unless you want the JP version.