Night time where can find nice Roti Canai in Miri?

Hi all,

Would like to know night time where can find nice Roti Canai in Miri ah?

Very hard to find la at night. If day time easy lar…

Any ideas ah?


Ming cafe

mamak shop…open till 8 or 9 nia…:stuck_out_tongue:


mamak shop where one? which area??? Thanks!

depends…morsejaya also got…at pelita commercial centre also got…and another one is at beside imperial mall…next to cimb and airasia office…

Where can you find roti canai with cheese?

deli papa cafe.

roti canai with cheese?? nice?

deli papa cafe.[/quote]

lutong baru there har?

night time go morsjaya, morning go deli baba (lutong baru)

Chilli Pepper 24hrs. Foods also very nice. :slight_smile:

i’ve had naan with cheese but roti canai with cheese?

i’ve had naan with cheese but roti canai with cheese?[/quote]

I know about “naan” although I usually call ordered it as “roti naan”. What I was told is that it is basically roti canai with cheese. But that was a while ago and its in KL (Steve’s Corner).

Very nice, … with the sambal … They also have roti tisu … :lol: :lol: :lol:

At night roti canai ? - there’s one shop nearer to the RPR Petronas Station, If I’m not mistaken … :lol: :lol:


ermmm sorry forget to mention perwira also ok… especially roti john and burger.

[quote=“Geekguy”]Where can you find roti canai with cheese?[/quote]Saberkas… the corner shop (used to be ZigZag Telecommunication)… just beside Idaman Cafe. Got many type of roti canai… custom made to order…lol. it opens until night also of course.

Where’s that? Nvr heard of it b4?

I like the roti canai made by malay in morsjaya, opposite of Servay, Restoran Nasi Dagang is the name of d shop i assume, dun quite rmbr.

The cheap nasi lemak there also nice. Must try. The rice very nice.