Niah Cave, Miri: Revisited (01.05.2008)

Happened to be free and nothing plan for the day and found out 2 friends who never been there would like to go and have a look. It is all last minute plan.

Reached there with lots of people on that day esp Rakan Muda group all the way from Semenanjung (approx 5 - 6 buses of people).

Anyway, happy viewing and feel free to C&C for further improvement

More over here:

i love the 1st pic with low angle…remind me the Olympus E3 with live view “free angle LCD” :mrgreen:

2nd pic the “bug” is cute,u didnt bring ur SP90 that day? I’m sure with tripod and SP90,u can take closer and better pic then that…or u too tired walking that day ? come one,show us the magic of Tamron …

the pics of the cave are nice too.I never took such clear pic of that cave cos i too lazy and too weak to carry the tripod :stuck_out_tongue:

Lazy to bring another lens along… and did not expect to shoot macro :smiley:

ya damn tired that day. inmagine how many extra KGs i have to carry…

dasolve, wat time u been to Niah Cave on that day? maybe you got pass by us or maybe …? we went to Niah Cave on 01.05.08 too, and we reach there 9am around and came out 5pm around. anyway we have 7 peoples to went there + 2 ahmoi came late 30mins and joined us.

oh i reached there a bit late, around 10 sth.

I think around 12:30pm you all were inside the cave shooting the light trail while i passed by. Since i dunno who is who so i just move one that time :slight_smile: Saw many of you shoot very professionally which i quickly and quietly walk away with my tripiod :smiley:

Ya i also out around 5pm actually :slight_smile:

waaaaaaaaa the pictures are awesome… :drool: i feel like taking up photography

dasolve u should join us and intro urself to us mah, so next time we can take photos together, Im leaving Miri on 13th to KL, 15th fly to taipei already. goodluck to u on ur coming photoshooting, and i will come and see ur album hehe

aik??? you gone for good???

that day i actually wanted to join but i need to do sth early that day so cannot make it on time and somehow my friend wanted to go there visiting only so i decided very last minute to go there.

saf, everyone can do it. as long as you want to do it :smiley:

the last time i went to niah i didnt bring my digital camera but film only. your photos r great.