Niah becoming an alternative

Labuan: The powerful earthquake that struck Mount Kinabalu and possibility of a recurrence is turning trekkers and adventure seekers to seek an alternative spot, according to a tour operator.

One emerging choice seems to be the Niah Caves in Sarawak.

The latest group from here to visit the destination was from the Labuan International School.

The sight-seeing trip, as termed by the school, was coordinated by Farida Haziz of the school and the group had 15 Standard Six students as well as five teachers.

LIS Principal Puan Zainab Batin said: “The place was a joy visit since it was so well preserved and historically-rich.” She said the exposure was to help young students better understand the wonders in Malaysia and be proud of them as well as learn from the educational outing.

Niah National Park in Miri is known for the site where 40,000-year-old remains were discovered.