NGOs want croc hunt in Kuching stopped


Wednesday October 4, 2006

NGOs want croc hunt in Kuching stopped

KUALA LUMPUR: Two non-governmental organisations want the crocodile hunt in Kuching to stop.

It began after an attack on a 12-year-old boy.

Describing the hunt as barbaric, Malaysian Nature Society (MNS) Kuching branch chairman June Mary Rubis urged the authorities to permanently put a stop to such hunts.

Such hunts have been common practice since the Brooke era.

It is a sad thing. There could be other ways to avoid crocodile-human confrontations such as creating more awareness among the public on the crocodile, she said.

Furthermore, she said, humans were not part of the reptile’s natural diet.

Her call was supported by Malaysian Zoological Society vice-chairman Dr Loo Koi Sang, who said crocodiles were harmless creatures that would run away when they detected humans.

He said no crocodile should be killed as it was a protected species under the Wildlife Act. Bernama

I wonder why must they kill the protected crocs in order to check the contents of their tummy? Can’t they just sedate them with something strong, tie them up, and put them through an airport x-ray scanner to see what hidden within? How about perform a quick operation on their tummy, if found nothing, stitch it back, put them in quaranteen so that the chances of the same croc coming back for the yummy bait is none? Just some thought about how it should be professionally done since it is already a known protected species.

how about just killing anyone dumb enough to play in croc infested waters? well ok that one would bring much more problems from Human Rights…

hey, where was the bomoh who claimed he could communiate with the crocs?

Apparently had a fight with the crocs and never spoke with them again.

… or maybe his ‘callings’ could not reach the killer croc because it is now full and in hybernation mode? :stuck_out_tongue: