Ng Sian Hap

Lately, NSH is on the defensive mode again, and I actually give them the thumbs up on doing so. I have been shopping at NSH for a long time and this morning was the first time I see that their parking lot (those have shades) were all cordoned off, and the fact that I don’t blame them at all surprised myself! :slight_smile:
How many of you Mirians actually stand by NSH all these years? I will continue to do so and support them, if they really have to move then I will find ways to complain that it’s a bad move because my fav shopping location have many things that one could find there…it’s convenient and the price is acceptable.
And to those whoever that want to force them to move, please stop wasting your energy! They have been there all those years and never once a complain was launched…why now!??

NSH is the place i goes for monthly shop, it’s very-very convenient.

Who want to force them to move out?

i heard rumour about the boulevard supermarket trying to do it…not sure about this, just heard people talking about…not trying to say anything but just saying what i heard

lol, its wayyy better than boulevard lah… :smiley:

Hey that is the only place where I can get tortilla bread.

What to do when Boulevard main shareholder is right next door and NSH constantly reminds them that they aren’t cornering the entire market?

That’s good right?? Why do they have to monopolize every market? They aren’t able to do so luckily…the things there are expensive… I haven’t shop there for more than 2 years now

i wen tNSH when i need to get stuffs that not easily get at other supermarkets. I hope they will not move… :frowning:

a very nice place to get anything that i want… haha… hope it wont be affected by some evil supermarkets…

NSH is almost like a legend in miri, though i’ve not been there for a long time and i admit they sell some items quite expensive but there’s no reason to move it

well, i dislike to shop at boulevard. on ordinary days when there are no sales, things there are more expensive. on the days when there are sales, the place is so packed that i can hardly shop comfortably. plus, the check out counters will then have long queues and i have to wait for ages.

so, even though i seldom go to NSH, no boulevard, pls!!!

ng sian hap and GK supermarket…speechess…top 2 in miri i think, boulevard?? made in china, made in thailand…sux lah ! i NEVER shop at boulevard, always nsh or GK…i mean buying grocery… :evil: :evil:

I prefer to shop at NSH as well. More variety of products at Reasonable price. Parking more convenient.

all SY staffs likes to parked at NSH bah… i personally like NSH, products that i can’t from other supermarket or hypermarket can be found at NSH. nvm they dun do sales but dun mind to pay abit more for something good though.

Yeah, NSH and GK ftw!!! I only go to Servay and Boulevard for diapers if NSH is out of stock… since those other two are a little cheaper than GK for diapers.

NSH is the best shopping place for groceries, Moving it away could spell doom for me

yea, these 2 supermarket are so goooood !! and their location !! these 2 are like the most high-class and most quality supermarket ever in miri…although their shops looks normal but their products rocks man !!! :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

Like the big noticeboard in front of NSH :stuck_out_tongue:
Agree that the SY staffs have been occupying the parking spaces of NSH causing difficulties for the shoppers there…

dont forget the “century supermarket”…