This is a picture I get at one of the restaurant in West Hollywood. While Frankie and his friend having a breakfast. Haha!! See I finally get my new hair cut after those car racing in Canada.… want some? is that Hilary Duff? Nah it can’t be cuz she’s in Texas with Joel at the moment.… where is Sobri… he said he want to come over … he might be stuck at L.A I guess. you remember this Heinz sauce, I feel like want to laugh when I said my favourite composer is Heinz. I hope you’ll still remember one of the line in Cody Banks II.[/IMG]… men… is he flirtring with the girls around L.A or wat. you look at that girl… she’s hot. it Mike!… i feel like want to throw this bread to Sobri’s face later on. hehee I’ve got 10 messages from Sobri!! my God! Sobri is at my house. I even didn’t realise he’s been messaging me 10 times. Sigh! Oh I dun have to worry cuz Jamie’s can entertain him for a while.