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Monday July 30, 2012
UFO sighting in Sunway posted on YouTube

YouTube Video Link

PETALING JAYA: A locally shot video on YouTube has got tongues wagging about a possible UFO sighting over Sunway Mentari here.

However, the possibility was shot down by experts who said there had to be an explanation for the phenomenon.

Videographer John Tan was having dinner here two weeks ago when he noticed the stars shining extra brightly and in clusters of blinking colourful lights.

With his equipment at hand, he proceeded to document the event, complete with witty commentary from his convinced supper-mates.

A day later, on July 15, he posted the video on YouTube and it has been viewed at least 1,000 times since.

The lights were there for another two hours after we first spotted it at about 9pm.

After staring at it for about an hour, we even got into our car to look for the source of the lights but couldn’t find it, said the 29-year-old. He dismissed the possibility of it being a toy.

It is impossible that a toy running on normal batteries would last that long, he said.

However, a commentator on YouTube debunked the theory saying they were merely kites which were lit, although Tan insisted it was a windless night.

When contacted, the National Space Agency (Angkasa) also opined that it was unlikely that kites were involved.

People don’t fly kites at night because there is no wind, said director-general Dr Mustafa Din Subari.

However, he is sceptical of the possibility that alien life forms with superior technology were paying Earth a visit either.

It is not the first time Malaysians claimed to have witnessed such a phenomenon. It happens every now and then, he said.

Malaysia’s first Angkasawan Datuk Dr Sheikh Muszaphar Shukor also said there should be a logical explanation.

One of the reasons we go to space is to see if there are other life forms out there.

Alien or not, as we found out, there is no evidence yet and we are still searching for it.

For now, Tan’s mysterious footage is still unexplained and the truth still out there.

remote controlled drone/kite with colorful LED?

Just buy any remote control toys, modify and play at night to create fake UFO issues :smiley:

[quote=“soundsyst64”]remote controlled drone/kite with colorful LED?

Just buy any remote control toys, modify and play at night to create fake UFO issues :D[/quote]

I somehow agree it is this contraption too.

Lol, its a quad copter flying at night. I know these people from peninsula who always flew r/c quads at night with decorative 12V leds. You can visit their local forum who flew at night. It could hover standstill for hours due to high capacity battery and using GPS to auto level and auto pilot its position. I have that one too. Fun to fly. Usually this quad copter used for aerial photography that can carry camera for taking photo from above. But not cheap toys, i think must cost around RM$4,500-RM$6,700 to get it auto leveled and fly at such range.

Miri got some too from our own R/C group but we never fly at night or high because lack of auto pilot. We still taking cool aerial photography. 8)

Here is some same LED brightness kit we install similar from youtube scene on our models. Super strong bright lights easily seen from miles away. So the events easily debunked i guess. :mrgreen: