News chinese -Miri-Traffic Police attacked by husband & wife

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i read this article this morning from utusan borneo. here’s the online version, pretty much different from what i’ve read;

Couple create scene at police station

Posted on July 15, 2011, Friday

MIRI: A couple infuriated at being booked for illegal parking literally charged into the arms of the law by confronting a traffic policeman at the central police Station here to protest the summons and created a scene yesterday.

In the scuffle that followed the policemans uniform was torn when the couple tried to drag him into their car.

Their fool-hardiness landed them in deeper trouble than a parking summons, as they are now detained at the station and facing a charge for intimidating police personnel.

Miri police deputy chief, Supt Ismail Idris when contacted by The Borneo Post yesterday, confirmed he had received a report of the incident.

Both husband and wife have been detained at Miri CPS to facilitate police investigation on the incident, he said.

He explained that the duo had parked their car along a yellow line at Centre Point area and were booked for the offence.

The summons issued infuriated them, said Ismail.

The case is being investigated under Section 353 of the Penal Code for using criminal force to deter a public servant from discharging his duty.

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my translation :mrgreen:
A chinese man unhappy with his Car summon, Attacked the Traffic police after arguing with the summon, while his wife caught the police hands. others police came to assist, arrested the couple and bring them to Police Station.
Happened around 11 am at Miri town area, he was summoned for parking in yellow line area. when they want to leave the area, he also try to hit one of the police with his car, then stopped by police , and thats when the attack occur…

Centre Point always traffic jam cos’ still free parking there… RM150 saman (normal RM300) too much lah.

yea lo… last time yellow line either RM 30 or RM 70 onli… now 150 pfft

because of this incident,
they are very aggressive last nite.
10pm also kacau2 area waterfront, multi-storey car park, wheels area and also ming cafe area.
aiyo. now more loooodblox and summoonnssss~

Mayor Miri Lawrence Lai are stupid. create parking lots from ming cafe till barcelona. Dont he know that main road, got a lot of traffic flow. & he is just blind. I sokong police should summon those car part there. disturb traffice.

They need more money through summons in order to finance their new and fancy building near Hilltop there…

saya setuju…BUT not the stupid statement…eheheh


So daring? LoL in the US prepare to get Tased or Pepper Sprayed.

Not a surprise one day we can c M’sian arm with AK47 and grenade launcher in M’sia. Our country now really sick…

Wow, I never know we got Mr. & Mrs. Smith here in Miri. But, too bad they screwed up.

y chinese owez have problem of parking properly?

those couple suda la bersalah, lawan polis plak

bongok…shoulda put their pics here

not civilized

too bad, the police bang the husband in the lockup.