New Unacor99 Lubricants available

New Unacor99 Lubricants available now.

UNACOR 99 TM formulate with USA Technology, has developed a wide range of oil products such as

Mineral, Semi Syn and Fully Synthetic Automotive Motor Oils ( Multigrade - compatible with petrol and diesel engines)
Gear & Transmission Lubricants
Brake & Fluid Coolants
Industrial Lubricants

Manufacture in accordance to ISO 9001:2000, UNACOR 99 TM assures high quality products and continue to meet the complexity of today modern vehicle.

Automotive oils standards:

20W50 - Mineral (Suitable for older vehicles engines)
10W50 - Semi and Fully Synthetic. ( Suitable new vehicles and for turbo cars)

Trucks and Lorry oil lubricants also available. PM for more info.

Please PM me or call for prices and specific range of products.

Contact : Tony 0168008503