New Tyre Shop In Brunei

erm i tink this is out of topic. any1 know myvi spare tyre need to pump how much air ?

normal tire pressure should be 28psi…

but myvi spare tyre is a small tyre. use same air pressure? o.o

How much for Michelin 185/60/R15?

Anyone ever bought tyres in Brunei? feedback pls

I buy my tires in brunei all the time.

If you are looking for mid - low end tires, just change in miri. Toll fee / petrol already makes the price similar.
If you are looking for better tires, Brunei will be cheaper & more choices are available to you.

How much is 265 70 15r michelin?

205/55/R16 Michelin Pilot Sport 3 and PrimacyLC how much?

Bo$$…reply la…we want to knw the price also…

Indeed ! Bridgestone turanza cost me BND$90 only for R14

recommended tyre shop in Brunei?? Particularly in KB or Seria pls…

Tyremart or YC in KB

google the locations

[quote=“Ronald”]Tyremart or YC in KB

google the locations[/quote]

I call them both, sadly they didn’t sell Falken/Kumho…


hi , i want to change my hilux vigo tyre, since i used 5years already , can you propose the model and the cost.

Thank you

185/60/15 bridgestone potenza how much?

Any logging truck 1200 x 20? Buying in bulk 20 pcs above if price cheap.

still have stock for 185/60/R15 Michelin? i going to change 4 tyres , if still available. what is the price?

Kelisa’s 165/55/R14 how much + what brand?

I looking 265/70/16 Michelin LTX AT2 and BF Goodrich All-Terrain,
What d price for this 2?