New Tyre Shop In Brunei

Hi Mirian’s

We have just open a tyre shop in Brunei. If you all need to buy new tyres or other tyres servicing do come over to Jerudong and check on the tyres. You can call us +6738988616 or email . We do carry most major brands of tyres, do call or email for any enquiries. Will serve you the best we can. Attached below the location of the shop


M.T.C Management

how much for 205/40/16 and 205/45/16?
do u have yokohama parada spec2?

[quote=“bulat”]how much for 205/40/16 and 205/45/16?
do u have yokohama parada spec2?[/quote]


Tried PM you, but not sending out. Weird. Anyway here the price

This is the only size and brand i have for the type you are asking for:-
205/45X16 YOKOHAMA - A DRIVE R1 87V $165 Brunei
205/45X16 MICHELIN - PILOT PRECEDA $213 Brunei
205/45X16 NANKANG - NS2 $105 Brunei
205/45X16 BF GOODRICH - G-FORCE SPORT $165 Brunei

Jeff Chia

how about brigdestone 205/50/13 or 205/60/13…?
not sure about the name of this tyre (with white letter on its wall)…
do you hav stock of this old sch tyre…?

can list out the price range?

bro how much 205 40 r17 n 215 40 r 17 thx you

bro how long from miri to ur shop?? thx you

price include install?

Your the same guy in brunedrift forum right ? hehehe nice to see you here…

205/45X16 NANKANG - NS2 $105 Brunei

noisy or not?

like this?

Do you have 205/50R15 tyres? Price? brand?

wow…when i go back,i go see see…

Brunei or Miri cheaper …by how much?

for me lah…i think Brunei cheaper leh…

For non local brands, brunei tyres are definately a lot cheaper.

Not sure about your Malaysian made ones.

brigdestone potenza RE001 215/45/17 how much now?

brigdestone potenza RE001 235/40/18 and 245/40/18

I bought bnd$250 in a tyre shop in Jnagsak in BSB

how much for 235/45/18? thanks