New Tyre 155/65 R13 73S

dear all MC, where can i get the cheapest “affordable” new tyre 155/65 R13 73S for viva…any brand but certainly not “cap ayam” brand… :lol: … budget below rm 180.00…

The price of the tyre in Miri are all the same…You can try Silverstone or sime tyre, both are medium rate, should be below RM180. Don’t buy Nankang and Gorsa. Last time i buy 185/65/R14 Michelin for my wira only RM190 1 pcs. :lol:

oh… thanks lowyaT for the info…

what kind of profile is that bro?

what kind of profile is that bro?[/quote]
Type wrong ma…65* hahaha didnt notice :roll:

mine 175/70/13 Vietnam make 120per pcs :mrgreen:

which shop u got it?

hmm…nice timing this thread. my tyre is below 30% too… anyone know any rim shop with good tyre price? probably will change my stock rim hehehe

what car is yours? Change to sport rims lor brother :lol: try go big wheel at permaisuri road and try your luck there