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You know, its really missing in here… how about a thread where you could talk about the latest movie or song… well rather where you could get it… but still that tread is still not available yet…

Wont it be nice to just share sources with other people so we can just get more than what we have?

That’s a great idea - honestly. But considering the implications of the act in sharing songs and movies in the piracy-fested world of Malaysia, it would put MiriCommunity.net in the law balancing act if people start to use the community site for such illegal activities. Don’t want the recording/filming industry knocking on our doors now do we? :wink:

As for the other suggestion about latest movies & music discussions, it is always welcomed and encouraged here. Just start a new topic in any of the relevant forums, and you’ll bound to get lots of response because there are lots of movie buffs here (including me). :smiley: