New ? sony play station portable 2 (psp2)?


it looks so damn ugly.

no way sony would make that XD

why put sony ericsson logo o.o when it’s a sony psp -_-

super ugly…i wont buy tis…

Fake…that is all.

Last time newspaper gt put news where sony have announced the bravia,walkman and cyber shot handphone,so they will make a psp handphone,maybe this is the one

Damn,that looks fake.

O.O…am i seeing things O.O

Do you have to put 3 question mark? ugh

holy cow, sure fake one lar

huh…why it look so ugly…must be hoax…

lols WTH is tat

i think i saw sumwhere that Sony has not allowed Sony Ericsson to make sony psp… otherwise this will bring down the sales of Sony… remembr they are 2 diffrent companies…

sony ericsson brand!!ugly

Where the hell is the dual analog stick!? :stuck_out_tongue:

wth is tht???

Fake lar…imitation goods from china

so fake…i still love my psp 2006