New pub

Hey guys,heard it’s open …$40 =5cans.Should be a nice place to releks

Is it somewhere at Marina Park???

drink until hing liao can jump into the water. :mrgreen:

not only that no need to go toilet when need to get a load off ! . just go feed the fishes!

prepare motion sickness pill half and hour before entering…

Drugs be4 drinks ? hmmm and its legal

that is so nice … that would be in my list when I visit next year.

Wah really got such place huh? tot is private place?

dangerous pub… fighting also drop into water

wow new trend Drink Fight n Swin lolz

wonder where is this pub?

yeah, and what is the name? can’t see the name clearly

non-swimmer (like me) cannot go! else drown liao also no one help cos everyone else are drunk!

where is this place??

i wonder where is the parking space for the car? … don’t see no toilet in the either … hmmm deserve to be vist

Open 4pm to 12 midnite,Marina Park.Enter main gate ,turn into first left junction ,tell the guard you want to drink on the boat.See you guys there :smiley: and don’t get drunk if you are a non swimmer :frowning: :frowning:

only 12 midnite ah? that is happy hour leh…

any snack ? or we have to fish our own ?

if u fish i also don wan to eat leh… everyone puke at the water

walau…i wanna go liao…is it expensive?

I want to go to… another spot for Minum-Minum Maniacs to stop… who’s with me?