New mobile operator: Tune Talk

From Air Asia to Tune Hotel and now Tune Talk?

Tune Talk subscribers can enjoy lower IDD rates over other mobile operators

SEPANG: New mobile operator Tune Talk Sdn Bhd, which operates the prefix 010 for its prepaid cellular service, aims to beat the competition by offering IDD rates that are 10% cheaper.

The company will charge a flat rate of 22 sen per minute for calls to any operator in the country, while an SMS cost 5 sen each.

Chief executive officer Jason Lo said Tune Talk would focus on voice calls and SMS but would be introducing GPRS services sometime next month.

Speaking after the launch of Tune Talk at the Sepang Aircraft Engineering Sdn Bhds hangar yesterday, Lo said the Tune Talk SIM pack was sold at RM5 and it came with a RM5 pre-loaded worth of talk time.

Chairman Datuk Seri Tony Fernandes said he expected one million subscribers for Tune Talk and AirAsia Bhd also hoped to bring in the customers for its mobile services.
All smiles: (from left) Shazalli, Lo, one of AirAsias shareholder Datuk Kamarudin Meranun, and Fernandes smiling for the camera at the official launch of Tune Talk at the Sepang Aircraft Engineering Sdn Bhds hangar Wednesday.

Tune Talk would become profitable in the next six months and its cash position would also be positive by then, he added.

Tune Talk operates a mobile virtual network operator (MVNO) that rides on Celcoms 2.5G cellular infrastructure to roll out services.

Celcom chief executive officer Datuk Ser Shazalli Ramly said the partnership will enable Celcom to leverage on both Tune Talks and AirAsias successful Internet business models.

Lo said Tune Talk also aimed to make inbound advertising as a key source of income.

It had secured AirAsia, Etiqa Insurance Bhd and 99 Speedmart Sdn Bhd as its SIM pack co-branding partners.

He said all Tune Talk subscribers would be given a free RM100,000 personal accident coverage from Etiqa Insurance.

It is also giving over RM1mil worth of AirAsia e-gift vouchers to its top 10 callers everyday for the next 12 months. … sec=nation

Anyone (in KL) tried this service? I think it will be a while to see them in Sarawak.

was late as all vip number has been snap up…:frowning:

It’s already in Sarawak! and you can select the number online by signing up, and then get the sim pack from Blue Cube, Boulevard.

what’s the number like? 010? 015?

The SIM pack is also on sale on-board on all Air Asia AK flights. It will start with 010. Using Celcom coverage.

I would love to port into this. The rates are just fabulous and fantastic.

SIM pack is only sold for RM5!

I am already a regular for their Tune Money prepaid credit card, Tune Hotels, and very happy with it! Hopefully it will be the same with Tune Talk!

But I still don’t like Air Asia. Hahahaha…

Try it everyone…

Just received my Free SIM Pack with RM2 pre-loaded.

Tested the internet speed. HSPA+ Download 1.5MBps and Upload 156KBps
Not sure what’s wrong with the upload speed.

Noticed the APN(Access Point Names) on my phone is Celcom 3G Internet, Celcom Internet, Celcom 3G MMS, Celcom MMS.
A friend of mine says they lease Celcom towers.

Not bad at all :smiley:

Hi all, any tune talk user here? how’s the coverage in Miri and is the service stable?

Are they using Celcom or Maxis line?

they using celcom line, the coverage still reasonable. most important, their prepaid online rate is the cheapest compare to other operator, i been using it for the past 3 years

does it require to subscribe to any plan to get the cheapest rate? like Hotlink or xPax, requires plan

you don’t need to subscribe to any plan, just buy the sim and put into your phone and use. the rate is RM0.05/MB. do check out their website for more info.
you can go their website choose your prefer number and buy RM30 online. they will send the sim to your house within 3 days preloaded with RM30 inside without extra charges. after that, they will give 50% of whatever amount you reload the first time.

ok, means that where ever Celcom got coverage, Tune Talk also available. :smiley:

one sad news is that the Credit Transfer limited to RM5 per transaction and with fee also. :cry:

i never credit transfer to anyone, so that not important to me. anyway calling rate is reasonable too. helped a lot of my friend to get tunetalk number, they all love it very much, no complain from them before. the only complain is that they use too much to stream video in the end out of credit

their website only got 3 type of SIM > Normal / Micro / Nano. My phone is using Mini SIM :roll:

mini = iphone = nano

mine is Samsung S3 Mini, should I choose the Normal SIM type?

get normal sim, if not correct size, bring shop cut it.

switching to Hotlink must be done at Maxis Branch or which Dealer can do? How much for switching?