New Miri Community Format

(dopamineblitz) #1

Hey what gives? What happen to the old format? I think changes are cool but please separate the advert he he he (spam) from the news and stuff. I get pretty confuse this morning when i see the new format.

(GeminiGeek) #2

Possibly the old skin was to resource hogging, admins revert to default skin.

(persistence85) #3

new changes sucks, please revert it back to old format…

(MetalHead) #4

I miss the old theme. I hope this won’t last long.

(allokitty) #5

Maybe the admin resetted the website to default skin format due to maintenance, we’ll wait until they restore everthing back to normal.

(DuFfz) #6

not nice lar this new format…no board index…sucky sucky

(moon9339) #7

new format very confusing…prefer the old format whr you can c all the updates in one main page…easier and fast to scan…

(Uchu Keling) #8

heheheee… less problem, I guess :wink:

(Ronaldo7) #9

Old format is ten times better than the current one :frowning:

(Lyn_Liu) #10

aiyoo…new format suck oo

(kcalvenez88) #11

I prefer the old mc theme

(thienol) #12

Ya, prefer the old mc. This new format is so confusing, turning round and round. So frustrating…

(vinsl2000) #13

yup,agree with all.pls reinstate…

(MiriBoyz) #14

i prefer the old format. Where we can see the last 30 active thread at the board index.

(Miri-Sarawak) #15

I prefer the old format… this new format … I like to see the name and read the post but i dont like to roll my eyes to the end just to see who post the theads on this new format. Makes my eye bleed… too much using blood to see the end of the screen.

(koko1710) #16

I want the old format back. Jack, what’s happening?

It’s very shocking to have no board index with latest posts… hmmm

(The Extreme) #17

Maybe the license expired for the old format? :stuck_out_tongue:

(exalt08) #18

me too me too… old format… hehe.

(whatman) #19

I don’t like this new format. Old format FTW.

(Jackson Liaw) #20

I must agree, the default forum format of phpbb (or most forums anyway) is very structured in navigation but not dense in information. By the way, sorry about the uninformed change - it was about time to upgrade from v3.0.0 to v3.0.7-PL1 after much complains from web host about resource hogging. I will be putting things back to the way it used to be in the next few days or so and hope to reorganize the forums a little bit more as well. If you guys have any suggestions, please feel free to share because it would be nice to get more feedback on how to make it a better experience for everyone.