New Magic Ting Women Underwear ( for ladies )

RM 75.00

Bust Size: A/B/C/D


To the crowd: The flat chest, down,

the expansion Bra Exterior: shoulders with bra

Zhaobei bra styles: 3 / 4

Bra features: Massage

Underwear models: 1.30

trousers Color: beige black.

KE magic is the use of plastic made of natural rubber, the birth of magic Ting, from the traditional sponge, KE to the magic of plastic available, it is a bra revolution. With the magic of plastic women can move around and kept the chest massage to help women achieve the fullness Meixiong strong results.

KE magic with super-sensitive plastic flexible, automatic massage can help you firm chest, no longer droop relaxation, Moping of milk. Larger 50 times, wow, the naked eye can see KE magic plastic massage process. Through thick, thin under the care of thoracic design, and perfectly fit around the chest, wear it, we can start walking with chest massage, your breathing breast-side fluctuations, to promote breast metabolism, clear the meridian.

1 minute, the equivalent of 20 manual massage, wearing a one hour massage equivalent to one hour, wearing a full day on the equivalent Meixiong a day, not dangerous drugs surgery, the chest is Yuechuan Yue Ting, an increasing U.S.! Ting wear magic bra, you will be able to maintain the breast Shuinen, firm.

7 to 10 working days delivery lead time.

hi is it ready stock?
the bra is exactly like the one shown or in beige? cos i saw ppl selling the beige one. pm me ya

pm already you pls check
thank you