New KTV/Nightclub

Anyone know of a new KTV?Nightclub in Dynasty Hotel?Shopping Centre? Heard is high class type.

Sorry, correction, its Imperial Hotel/Shopping Centre.

how much?

any vacancy in the night club???
hopefully big tip.

high class in Miri is subjective lah… they say high class but the women like crap! lolx.

have more beer after u drunk all the women look pretty to u :mrgreen:
here cannot compare KL la…

but the price here is ridiculous! lol

haha miri is a city

CITY? HAH!!! you gotta be joking! the roads are not up to par for a city lah lolx

city with kampung road

this thread is about ktv/nightclub or city road condition now? back to topis pls…

Yeah, i am asking if anyone here know of such a KTV/Nightclub in Imperial Hotel/Shopping Centre. By high class, i meant exclusive, expensive interiors and probably high prices too. I heard it from a firend in KL. Just trying to find out about it.

your kl friend might be refering to infinity club located at boulevard commercial centre. however, time will tell if the rumour is true.

seriously imperial? Possible? All i know is bout ‘White House’ which locate at sun city(used to be Wings)… It’s classy n clean…nice to hang around wit friends to have i drink n enjoy world cup fever…