New HFMD Cases In S'wak On The Decline


July 22, 2006 15:40 PM

New HFMD Cases In S’wak On The Decline

KUCHING, July 22 (Bernama) – The number of new Hand, Foot and Mouth Disease (HFMD) cases in Sarawak have shown a declining trend, said Deputy Chief Minister Tan Sri Dr George Chan, Saturday.

He said the Health Department had reported only 44 new cases today compared to 59 yesterday, 61 on Thursday, 78 on Wednesday and 85 on Tuesday.

Four children had been warded as at 10 am today and none of them were in critical condition, he said.

He said 10 new cases were reported in Kuching and Bintulu respectively, nine in Miri, four in Samarahan and Sibu while the rest in the other divisions.

Dr Chan who is chairman of the State Disaster Relief Management Committee, said the latest figures brought the number of children infected to 12,388 with Sibu recording the highest at 2,781, followed by Miri (2,413), Kuching (1,831), Bintulu (1,560) and Sarikei (936).

He said the number of children warded since the outbreak began in January was 2,463 with Sibu recording 735, Miri 364, Bintulu 338, Sarikei 258 and Kapit 178.

The second wave of the outbreak which began on May 7, has so far caused the closure of one primary school and four kindergartens.

The disease has claimed 11 lives including three cases confirmed as Enterovirus 71 (EV71) positive.