New fashion shop in bintang megamall

Good news to young ladies! I heard there is a new fashion boutique going to open soon in Bintang Megamall. Their fashion imported from taiwan, hongkong, korea and japan. Boutique is in the renovation progress now. :slight_smile:

what name. who open. got discount if we stick sticker on ourselves?

:lol: :lol: :lol:

The shop is belong to my friend, the shop name is to be announced in miri when opening. (Estimate on 1st may 2009).the discount and cash voucher will be given out during the shop opening. Please do give full support. Thank you

Which floor,old or new wing bintang magemall ??

nice!!! but only open on the 1st of May??

can we have some sneak previews? :oops:

new wing of bintang megamall :slight_smile:

[quote=“chewwy”]nice!!! but only open on the 1st of May??

can we have some sneak previews? :oops:[/quote]

yup probably on 1st may 09 if there is no more delaying in construction work. Sorry no sneak preview for time being.
From my knowledge, the shop offers a wide range of latest and stylish ladies fashion apparels and handbags.

Congratulation first… i sure bring my friend go support u…

Congratulation to you for d new fashion shop opening,ps update me the latest info. :mrgreen:

oh god…my girlfriend sure one will made me “miskin”…bla~~just joking, hopefully to heard latest news, .

thank you on your kind support and comment :slight_smile:

Cryansu, thank you for your full support. :slight_smile:

Thanks and I will keep you info. Their vacancy is also going to advertise in miri within these few days. :slight_smile:

just for your info, the shop’s name is MOMOKO fashion boutique. They just advertised their vacancy advertisement. Any one who is interested to apply the job, please search for “vacancy-momoko fashion boutique”. thank you :smiley:

i make sure my wife wont read this thread :mrgreen:

good luck to your friend and their business…but as the others said, this is scary for the boyfriends with shopaholic gf’s…but from another angle it would be another place for guys to find gifts for girls :slight_smile:

momoko? branded one ah? i heard miss shop oso will moved there

yup. this is the first outlet in malaysia,their business is join venture with local ppl here. Their fashion apparels and handbags also can be found in Japan, Korea, Taiwan & Hong Kong. :slight_smile:

Must be expensive lor the price