New Condo in Miri?

Anyone know if there is any future planning for constructions of new condo in Miri??

beside taman selera and marriot

Thx for the info Saf, any blueprint yet and is it a reclaim land ??? and who is the developer ??

as usual - SY

Why condo? still abundance of land for development in miri…

developer… SY… i heard they have started to sell the units d… dunno for sure… just word of mouth from my parents

and heard that the condo starts from 600k plus. its a size of bungalow.

The condo is developed by shin yang. Called ‘bay resort condominium’. … Itemid=192

I thought the construction is expansion of Taman Selera. Taman Selera really need to be upgraded and need MORE parking space.

There’s one in Luak Bay as well

Yes. And if Im not mistaken it belongs to SY as well.