New Children Playground at Tanjung beach is a disgrace!

(lightning69) #1

I brought my kids to the Tanjung beach today and saw the worst playground ever constructed. Rubber mats on the playground were not seal to the concrete and were loose all over creating trip hazards for running children. I just wonder how the Miri Council award the contract to such a contractor to built such a shameful playground? How could the Miri Council even pass the construction works!!! What happen to our standards? Just look around Miri and we all can see degrading standards all over. Coffee shops with no exhaust hood with cooking that spew smoke all over is one example… see the attached photos and you know what I mean.

(MonkeyKing) #2

Wow, can’t believe that its such a conditions… pitiful and shameful.

(MonkeyKing) #3

Yes, those coffee shop without proper exhaust system should be penalized, really angry when our body & clothes have the smell from the cooking smoke, really make me pissed-off

(lightning69) #4

Maybe I should send this pictures to Miri newspaper to publish it.

(MonkeyKing) #5

It look more like a temporarily set-up playground but putting safety at risk

(lightning69) #6

It’s not temporary. It’s suppose to be a new playground to replace the old one but looks like something fishy is going on here. Multi million contract going to cronies contractor? In the end someone got fat and the public got ■■■■!

(4John) #7

The photos tells a thousand words, much thanks for sharing it here, can I suggest that the photos also be uploaded to the I Love Miri Facebook so as to widen the sharing and awareness to the community in Miri/Brunei/Bintulu, also at the same time hoping it will catch the attention of those who are in the position to correct or take remedial measures to make the situation right and safe.

(mirian91) #8

Definitely John, please do upload to give some awareness to the people who come to this newly built tourist destination with hopes and ended up with disappointment. Lightning69, if only miri newspaper dare to go against the construction group. Good Luck!

(wgn_white) #9

Went there early before this.
It’s not that bad at that time.
I guess whether condition play some important roles too.
But in the end their built quality doesn’t last even for 6 months, that’s commendable.

(lightning69) #10

I don’t think the park is open for 6 months already. If I am not wrong , it’s less than a month.

(wgn_white) #11

6 months is standard contractor warranty period.
So, can ask the contractor to re-do the park.

(elainash) #12

i also did bring my sons to play there. as i remember its not that bad. sure there is vandalism going on / storm / the place condition … with this keeping on raining condition anything might gone wrong.

(ZoOL) #13

Any construction or building whether it’s small or big, must take consideration of weather into their design. It is a lame excuse saying that they didn’t factor weather into the design because it is a basic knowledge for construction.
In other words, the quality is like that because the they want to reduce the cost. We should seek who designed the playground because normally contractor don’t do design, it is the consultant. Nevertheless, it needs to be reported because it doesn’t portray Miri as a Tourism City. How do you feel when tourists came by and see the scenery like this?

(applebee) #14

wat I not support is, thy shld build bigger or few more playground or diff variety play for kids, only one playground and whole miri cramp to tht playground … tis is what I don’t like to see. … the previous playground at least spacious and never receive complaint … now, when I passby see many kids and parents cramp into that small area, I really dunno what is the engineer mind when they construct this project !

(Vandrexz) #15

Maybe you guys should bring this issue towards to Majlis Bandaraya Miri as they are taking responsible of it.

(ZoOL) #16

Guys, the playground has been fixed. I’ve visited it last weekend and it got proper foundation and framing.

(Zavez) #17

Miss the old Tanjung playground. bigger space for kids to run around and play, flat ground ( i don’t think those small hills are meant for motorcross racing, do they), and the stalls are more comfortable, in terms of space. What bothers me is the fact that KFC and PizzaHut Outlet are bigger than the playground itself.