New Catagory: Agriculture

(kaito) #1

I would like to suggest the above catagory and I belive there are lots of Mirian here have interest in this. Members can discuss their interest and share their knowledge in agriculture such as planting local fruits, exotic fruits or fruits that normally plant in four season country such as grapes, apples and strawberry as I did. Members also can discuss about cat fish, arowana, goat rearing, gardening, planting vege within their house or even method of planting such as fertigation, hydroponic, airophonic and so many things in agriculture. Thanks. :slight_smile:

(coolman_gtsW_ferrari) #2

do you know where to get superthrive?

(ian) #3

Thank you for the very good suggestion. Hopefully the Admins will implement this if this topic does grow. For the time being, you can post the topic on anything Agriculture in the Lounge first and see if there are participants.

(kaito) #4


I don’t know if we have this plan vitamin here in Malaysia, but if you are in Miri, you can go and check at Ng Siang Hup or the shop at the e-mart commercial center, I didn’t remember the shop name if they have this superthrive.

Btw I found it on eBay Malaysia
and it selling at USD49.95.

(coolman_gtsW_ferrari) #5

thanks, do you know where to get hydroponic equipment and nutrients as well?

(kaito) #6

I went to Ng siang Hup on Monday and found the Thrives product from Yates, I think this is what you are looking for. As for the hydroponics I didn’t found any of them yet. You might need to ask around if there are shops selling these things.

(TechACT98) #7

Hi kaito,

do u plant grape? Any grape tree for sell?


(kaito) #8

[quote=“TechACT98”]Hi kaito,

do u plant grape? Any grape tree for sell?


yes i do, but sorry not for sale … you can go to tamu muhibah and buy one.
check this threat