New branch star audio accessories ***now open***

We are now OPENED!!!

Our new branch,STAR AUDIO ACCESSORIES situated at Centre point phase 2( just next to Ipohtown Kopitiam) please come and visit. We are having a promotion offer this coming monday, 27th October for a week. please feel free to come and look see look see.
Brands we have at the moment are: Alpine, Pioneer, Kenwood, PEGASUS , Orion and others. Please do come and have a look. See you all there.

any type of waja lipz available at ur shop?

wat kind of promotion?

Got a MP3 player with USB for car (not the FM modulator type)?

Any promotions on dbl-din HU with USB input for iPod?

hehe will be there… wakaka on monday… if tomolo open also i go!..

u mean a car player that can play mp3 right? if it is, yes we do. just come and have a look.

All prices are negotiable.

promotion as in Discount and special offer… LOL jUST COME AND HAVE A LOOK.

[quote=“LWong”]Any promotions on dbl-din HU with USB input for iPod?[/quote]…

yES we do… see you there.

Yes Yes… mention that you saw in mcnet that we got promotion. cos we have not tell others. only mcnet.

angelicia55, are u ah ping’s wife?? sufri still works there??

No i am not… Hhaahahaha… no la. Sufri is in old shop. I am staff of new shop. Its the same . Just new branch. :slight_smile: Come come come

i kena sembelih kaw kaw from that shop liaw…wont want to go back there anymore…

got seel any vip stuff leng lui?

I’ll most likely stop by tomorrow. =)

most higher offer is between???

etc: offer 10-70%

i went ther today tis afternoon… haiz… not friendly lar…(my opinion lar) i see see around(stuf selling GOOd)+ got people follow me lar(but not giving any assitance)… + not frenly lo… and be4 i go … i say thx you… to be polite cuz not buying anytin(like wasting the people time follow me ma)… and no comment… just a cold look onli… mayb just because im not chinese being treat that way?? haiz…nways, the stuff ok lar… Player ofcourse… i recommend… 6050 RM780 hehe… alpine … errr 9885 model and etc also got… ok ok lor the price i think reasonable… if me just go for the player … haha other’s ok lor… but i surely buy the player if i havent gotten my 9650… wakaka… GOOD luck on ur business angelica… but i saw a girl too just now was that u? angelica?

oo… gotta go have a look…

any lipz n skirt 4r waja??..

what happen?
mind to share?
veli big difference in prices from other shop?

what happen?
mind to share?
veli big difference in prices from other shop?[/quote]

i used to buy things there, can say everytime i wanna do some mode, i’ll surely go there…normally for my ICE…i thought that the bos already give me a good bargain price all this while so i never go to other shop and bother to check…there is once i went to other shop can see see look look coz my friend wanna see something, i was shock to see the amp i bought at rm800 was only selling at rm500 only at the other shop…since then i stop going to that shop liaw…till die also i wont go there…
some more if go inside see see look look if never buy things ah, surely the “xxxx” face red red like wanna whack ppl coz never buy things one…

do they sell SoundMonitor?