New 2008 proton pendera


Please click to enlarge :

seriously this is a new proton…but the name sound scary pen dera…haha

Are you sure that’s is proton?! If it is that is awesome!!! Its will be the first non-faq design ever. I like it :smiley:

HERE’S another proton i found out it is called Proton MPV…

No way that couldn’t be proton! Is proton taken over by some japanese?

no idea i found it from this website hopes its true…

Wow the MPV was Nice, was curious how much is the selling price instead it is a national car…

i jst hope it is true…hehe

no way? why not?

wow nice!! proton “you hao jiu le” (can be saved)… hahaha… but yah, pendera hmm, sounds like torturer =.=

aiya, u ppl really believe proton mpv will be developed on new platform?
all the pics shown here r photoshopped la
dat MPV pic by bunyimanok is taken from
it is based on madza model.

now proton is puttin toyota wish body their model (dunno which model) n see how it run
check out

actually i didnt get it from i get it from

bunyimanok: the original post/ photo is from

perodua oso developing small mpv wit toyota for asian market.
could be released d same year s proton mpv

2009 year of mpv??

new MPV la… :mrgreen: but apa macam with the quality… :roll:

the new perodua i think it’s this.It’s a concept car.Dont know when it’s going to release…???

actually here’s the article i find out about Proton MPV…it’s not real…i guess…??

This photo has been circulating around the internet and many have been posting it up claiming that these are leaked promotional images of the new Proton MPV. It does look very good. But no, this is not the new Proton MPV. This is actually an unknown persons Photoshop job of the Mazda 8, which Naza World started selling in Malaysia recently. If you look closely, the alloy wheels still have the Mazda logo on them.

But still, response to this design as a Proton in the many forums around the internet so far has been very good, and alot of people seem to believe it is Proton. Kudos to Mazdas designers for designing a nice looking MPV, and congratulations to the creator for producing a Photoshop job that many believed.

wah… not bad!!! haha!!!

it’s true proton bought 3 toyota wish/ipsum and fitted with campro, cps and normal engine (1.6cc)…u can see the picture from…they change the steering and badge…

proton pendera and mpv look nice…the perodua…erm… :frowning: :frowning: …pendera is the name coz the speed will mendera you…haha :mrgreen:

haha… If thats true… WELL DONE PROTON!!!
If its another same usual jokes they are making… CONCEPT cars… Then PROTON U NEED TO MAKE YOUR CONCEPTSSSS COME TRUE…
Wait… and see…