Never go to KFC near the public bank

the service n hygiene is very very disappointing…
there’s this man with his little daughter ordering something,the rude cashier girl stupidly keeps asking ‘what’ for 3 times n then the girl’s daddy geram already and start cracking his fist with anger… :x
after that the lady who ordered earlier before me came back to the counter,asking “mana saya punya nasi??”… :x
then,i saw one piece of chicken dropped on floor but the staff still put the chicken in the plate…ready for customer to eat…eww :x
next victim which is me,ordered a family feast bucket n extra cheezy wedges…i asked her,is everything there she said yea confidently…when i got home,i only got the chicken and wedges…no coleslaw,no mashed potato n no extra wedges…im pissed off…really really pissed off cos i paid extra… :evil:
one more thing, the manager is nowhere to be seen,the staff?needless to say,as if they have nothing to do than just joking around like bunch of primates… :twisted:

have you ever thought of lodging a formal complaint to the city council on the service & hygiene??

if your incident happen to me, i would go back to that kfc outlet together with the order and receipt. will not only make a big ‘hu-ha’ there but will claim my money back and make sure that outlet is closed for business.

Yea, exercise your right as a consumer!

i hate rude cashier/waiter/waitress! :evil:

me too, not only that, i dont really like it if they do not know how to smile to costumer

too bad for tat branch hehehe i dun think im going to eat there.
thanx for the info provided

i like the chicken at that brach the best … maybe hotcocoa just bad luck that day … they serve me very good owh … maybe new staff i think .

if only i can recall the last time i walk in there is about 10 yrs ago…

got KFC there ??? since when ?

Since always :lol:

lol… i dunno le… am i mirian ??

You’re in Thailand right?

aiks… haha… long time no back miri liaw…
Sa wa di ca… cap kun kai…

i always knew it was unhygienic there, some people even saw rats on the floor…ever think of making a joke on them by ordering fried rat? maybe they have :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen: btw i still go there for supper, but rarely

It been slowly turning into a class C KFC. Was a good place to eat as the chicken are always hot from oven. Time to raise our concern to City Council.

i LOL’ed :lol: :mrgreen:
HAHA so funny la you, duno there got KFC kah… = =" duno how many years adi…
i never been there before,only went to kfc in boulevard~ :smiley:

sorry lo… me no $$$ eat KFC le… : (

thailand got kfc ?