Neo Steam Global

Look what Ive found… At first thought that it will be just another Korean mmorpg but found out that I was wrong. Well its been a month now that Im playing this game and I found myself really hooked up. The theme and gameplay was nice and I never got bored while playing. Among the races, what I like the most are them POMs. Reminds me of Ewoks. They are so cute specially when they dance, cheer and get angry. Played a POM rogue assassin and it really pawns. Never tried a mage, fighter and craftors.

The game depends on your knowledge on crafting, what skills suits your character and of course the machine abilities.

PVP system is massive. You can kill other nations in Garden, Ancient Factory and Dimension Crack.

Tried the steam core battle and it was so cool. Another breed of PVP system.

Any Elerds player in here? Planning to create my own guild.

Tell me what do you like between these wallpapers ‘’,

visit their site if you wanna know more or pm me

new game? need to pay money o not?
hahah so far still nth beats WOW for me

its completely free2play…
some people say it’s an alternative for WoW…try it and see for yourself…join me in elerd and join my guild…i’ll help you out if you want