Need some advice

Im an international student studyin in Kuala Lumpur, West Malaysia. Im thinking of transfering my credits to Curtin University in Miri. All I want to know is some information regarding Miri. How is the place? Climate? Hows life like in Miri compared to Kuala Lumpur?

Thanks in advance

well, which part of KL you are staying at?

Miri is a small and quite place, life there is slow and peaceful, have all basic facilities there but limitted entertainment. We dont live on tree, even we do we go up by elevator so don worry.

I suggest you go visit curtin university first before u transfer ok…

It depends on personal opinion as its a subjective matter. But igetz is right, it is most recommended you come and arrange a visit to Curtin and take a look at its surroundings.

Our member Ladybird works in Curtin and you can try [url=]private messaging her for more information.

What LadyBird working there? I just knew it. Anyway thanx on the info Mr Ian. :smiley:

Alixzibit, you can visit Dunno if that website is still available or not.

Thanks 4 d support guys… :oops: :wink:

Nw u knw… :smiley:

Dear Alixzibit,

If u wish 2 knw more on d credit transfers thingy, lookin 4ward 4 yr ‘pm’:wink:

If u wish 2 knw more abt Miri itself, u cn find it here. :smiley:

What a PM?

PM=Pukulan Maut hehehe jk… :lol: :lol:

PM stand 4 Private Message (tats my understanding of it)…do u notice ter’s a ‘PM’ button underneath yr post??

thanks a lot for all your cooperative responses, i well actually not really want to go for credit transfer since im completely changin my course. Im at the moment living in Subang Jaya, Studying in Limkokwing university.

and yes im in process of submittin my application to a curtin guy named norsari…

Btw, Norsari is a lady hehehe… :smiley:

p/s U r submittin 2 d rite section (my section) :wink:

oh a lady!! lol… it was norsari john… i thot tat was a guy name!

Hello alixzibit, welcome to…Yes Norsari is a lady… 8)

It’s ok…usually foreigners wud address a person’s surname 1st… :wink:

Owh… i thought it was Pembantu Mahasiswa(group of students in Uitm who conducts the orientation @ MMS).

Hehehe…tat’s in UiTM, over here those group of stu who usually conducted d orientation wud b handled by d Stu. Council members assisted by Curtin’s Volunteer… :slight_smile:

…and we called Kakak PM and Abang PM