Need Lorry to Transport Things : Where to find?

I need to transport number of my things to the new house.

Where can I get a lorry with say around 2 guys to hire for this? And how much will it cost?

near the town KFC there. Beside the chinese Herbs shop

Find the lorry association (opposite of the old KFC)

Price: 1 trip should be around RM150 , worker at RM30/time…If I ma not wrong :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen:

Thanks guys

RM150? Smaller lorry got or not? Area within Miri only

They have few types of it…Go have a look and choose…Miri land district only I supposed…

I need to transport from area around krokop to senadin

Will look into it.

Thanks bro

Call Mr Yong H/P0198845833. “A” Permit 3 tons truck owner. He is good, gentle and good man; you may quote price from him.


Already contact Mr Yong, thanks!