Need help with my laptop

need help with my laptop.the problem I’m facing is after you type ‘dxdiag’ on the search bar it will give all the information regarding about your laptop,specs and even graphic card at the problem is when I click on the display my graphic card and the whole system shows N/A.and I can’t play any games because the system couldn’t detect my graphic card.what happen and how should I fix it?

Highly suspicious that you did not install any of the graphic card driver.
Mind telling me the laptop brand and model?

last year on the month of october I upgrade my nvidia software because I recieve an update,so I went to their website and install laptop is an acer aspire 4741G .here is the spec I will show you guys. windows 7 home premium 64 bit,processor intel core i3 2.13GHz memory 2048GB directx 11.

So looks like you may have to do a clean install of driver.
Follow my instructions:

  1. Download the latest Nvidia driver for your specific graphics card(Don’t install yet)
  2. Download and install Driver Sweeper (used to remove any previous Nvidia driver files, registry files etc.) … ion-3-2-0/
  3. Now boot to safe mod (Press F8 after BIOS Screen, Before Windows splashscreen) and run DriverSweeper tick everything related to Nvidia and clean.
  4. Restart normally and install the latest Nvidia driver you downloaded earlier.

See if that helps :slight_smile:

thanks eugene was waiting for you to reply this thread cause I know you are good at computers :smiley:
see you in the battlefield eugene will give you the result after that :smiley: