Need help! (unlocking X2 560BE)

i have a problem after (or before) i unlock the 4th core Phenom II X2 560BE. Mobo ECS A880GM-AD3, 4GB DDR3 1333, 500W PSU. after 30 minute i turn on my pc, my screen suddenly blank and i can’t do anything. I try disable the ACC and still got the same result. and one more thing, i couldn’t find the setting for the USB setting in BIOS. I mean i can’t use my USB keyboard to enter bios (when i press any key it didn’t work) so i cant enter bios when i use USB keyboard and i need to use PS2 keyboard. Any solution?

Its pure luck man.

BTW, who intro you that mobo? You do know some mobo have low success rate of unlocking the AMD cores right?

So far the only brand i see which can successfully unlock all cores are ASRock… Even my Crosshair V Formula cant unlock tat many cores stably…

try this guide: … 40859.html