Need help on water pump problem

I am using a Davey Dynajet X50 water pump. Currently, it is not working…no pressure from the pump. There’s current and water flow from the tank going to the pump but not sure what is wrong with it. Anyone here using such unit or know something about water pump? Any suggestion are most welcome. Thank you.

yes, i can hear the compressor starting up. i don’t see any other swtch beside the one i plug to the main switch.

see if it can help:

1.) Check your motor if it’s working normal, strange sound or abnormal vibration may lead to mechanism failure :mrgreen:
2.) Check if your pump need priming, keep as minimum as possible air inside that compartment.
3.) Check any omega piping bend which can have air lock from your pump to tank, it may decrease the pressure.
4.) Check your pump pressure switch if still functioning.
5.) Checking any blockage at the inlet & outlet of your pump, better than sorry, check the entire route if possible.