Need Help on RedHat Networking

Anyone knows how to configure folders in a Red Hat OS server in order to allow certain workstation (user) to have permission to access the folders? I’m really an idiot on Linux!

I’ve never really tried that before. You should be able to access it from the networking folder. Lemme try it out tomorrow and i’ll tell ya.

Thanks Ian. Somehow our company’s server is a Linux and the workstations are all Winxp. I wanted to create a folder which is only accessible by a few users but can’t seems to figure out how.

edit user permission…to read write…

if windowXP folder i know…right click–>properties–>sharing & security

Its pretty easy on windows but this is my first encounter with Linux and im not sure where to configure these settings.

I believe there is 2 (actually 3) places that you need to look into.

First, you will definately need to look into Service level configuration file; Samba. Usually located in /etc/Samba/smb.conf.

I assumed that you already have the shared folders created and was running. (I dun need to go into too deep on how to create’em)

use example below…

valid users = ian chiltake
public = no
writable = yes

reload your samba service.

Second, you can group the users who should have access to the folder. Apply permission and ownership based on the group. Refer chown and chmod in the manpage.

Plz, dun tagged yourself idiot just becoz you didn’t read the pages long manuals.

Since the scenario doesn’t specify the variant of access level,
there is another method which seldom taught in books.
I used it a lot coz I’m really lazy…

(use it only when there is no mean of auditing is carried out)

since the shared folder is already accessible,

  • change the ownership and desired permission on the shared pool of resources.
  • configure winxp clients persistently use alternate login and password when accessing the resources on RedHat.
    I prefer the command prompt in windows when doing this… GUI is just too chessy…
    as the hint, refer the “net” command.

PS: aren’t you posting your problem in CARI linux-forum and lowyatt yet?
That way you can really get response from a real PRO!!

Thanks a lot Huasing. Unfortunately, time is not the luxury i have in hand. We’re quite busy on new projects and suddenly my boss ask me to help him look into this problem and suddenly i became the IT officer overnight.

Instant IT officer??

huasing…explain one by one…ehhehe…i oso want to learn

if that case, use the last method I mention just now.

Could be done fast and easy.

If you want a faster job, just use a username who should be having access to the shared folder and silently goes to the other client PC (winxp) and create the connection there (either you use the net command or the map drive).

if you hate the CLI, you should try out on the start run

and it will prompt you for username and password.

that is quick and dirty method… :slight_smile:

*CLI = Command Line Interface
*redhat-srv must be changed to the actual name on your server
*relax_shared must be changed to the actual shared folder name shown in the \etc\samba\smb.conf

Hi relaxjack,

sorry I didn’t even get to work, was out the whole day till now, so I wasn’t able to try it out.

while waiting for ian, let’s read this … 6190#26190

I hope it helps…

BTW, relaxjack, how’s the task? successful?

Sorry, I wasn’t able to play around with it much and work it out, also doing some work on other sites so I need as much uptime as possible on the server, so I was not about to risk taking out the server of its task.

All that, plus I don’t have reliable hookups on WinXp I’m afraid, so we’ll just have to let Huasing experiment.