NEED HELP for more faster internet line

Okay, I really need help from all of you,
So I just move into my new room(rented),
and I didn’t expect that my current plan is really slow here,
Any suggestion???

where do u live babe??
because i have a same problem like u but now, no more…

Im use Maxis plan… nice and cheapest ever!
u can get coverage anywhere and anytime not line other telco
the internet also not bad… speed up to 5GB for RM48/month

use celcom, celcom more stable and more covarge, now do promotion, rm80 got 10gb

Maybe you need to survey which telco and plan are suitable and easy to
get a coverage. where do you live?
because the place that we live sometimes is the main reasons why
our plan really slow.

I used Celcom first gold… so far, i really enjoy it
before this I’m use D telco but unfortunately the coverage is too bad
at my place and I change to celcom

im also use celcom first gold at first, i thought its so expensive plan
but after i saw my friend bills. she recommend me to use first gold
not bad seriously! hehe

wut actually first gold offers? am i too late to know this??
hahaha because this is my first time heard about first gold
so, i dont know anything… hehe

noo you’re not my dear because first gold extend their promotion until this 30th June
and you still have time to grab it one… what they actually offers is you can get unlimited calls
to all network, your internet data will carry forward to next month so you can save more!

hahaha still have time! but I heard Digi also have
the same plan like first gold rite? before this im using Maxis but yeah
its too expensive… the prices is not reasonable at all! haha

nopee for me, celcom still the best compare to D because
D just give u unlimited calls and not unlimited sms but celcom will give u both
then D can carry forward ur data internet up to 2gb only but celcom
first gold up to 5gb maximum! but the price and speed yeah their in same amount
better use first gold… D cant get the coverage in rural area

oh cool!!
so if I want to change my plan to first gold, can i just remain my old number? because
its easier for people want to contact me =)
then how about the coverage? it is clear as a blue sky? hahaha

yes u can remain to ur old number no problem…
u dont have to worry about their coverage its tip topp!!
10GB is too much to use within 1 month the speed also great and u wont regret it
also u will get unlimited access for yonder music for free…

Nice!!! so, i dont have to worry about to change my number
i see… no wonder why my parents use it and they asked me to change my plan
yonder music is like mp3 player rite??
so, its free i think its good enufff…

Yup its like spotify so, u can listen to the updated song eva! haha
U can grab it now before this 30th June and its only RM80!
About the coverage u dont have to worry because I live nearby with
sg. congkak, hulu langat where known as a “forest” hehehe
so far, okay connection is so strong =)

if i still under contract with Maxis can’t change to Celcom right? i still have 3 months going to end.

Yes u can but u have to pay a penalty to M
before that, u need to check at M center how much do u need to pay
if u need to pay less, than u just pop out from M and sign up to Celcom
because first gold promotion is end in 30th june 2016…
if u’re late then u register after 30th june, the plan’s prices is rm100
so, u better pay for the penalty because M is too expensive and if u
using celcom first gold, u will save more!

I have just switch to Celcom First Gold, next week wil be last week of Celcom First Gold promotion extension, grab it while you can otherwise First Blue is not enough data for you since you are looking faster internet line.

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