Need HELP! Anyone can answer?

hi all~

May i know how to know the parts for New Proton Saga is original or not? such like bumper or Light (lamp)?


go buy from proton authorised dealer at krokop 10 there, sure it’s orginal! or else, the rest is not original…

wah, new car oredi knock onto something?? if lamp oso need to replace, then this has got to be quite a major knock err…

my fren ask me this q’s den cannot answer, and search online also cant get only wan to get some info lol… like this also kena shoot~ haih~ miri ppl all no heart de lol~ just knowledge share~ be sharing~

I don’t drive a proton so i’m not sure how to distinguish between genuine and OEM parts. If wan genuine parts, go to authorised proton dealer, such as KM or Proton Edar, those are definitely genuine. Do bear in mind that genuine parts are definitely expensive. I was told by a mechanic last time although it’s genuine parts (with the proton packaging), some of the pars also come from Taiwan, pack in their box and then chop it as genuine item. That’s how Proton do business. Sometimes it’s still better to buy second hand JDM products (not sure for new model of proton saga)

thank for ur reply but what OEM stand for actually? not original?

OEM=original equipment manufacturer. Something like parts made by other company (correct me if i’m wrong car experts out there). It’s like taiwan made parts and original japan made parts.

erm~ then mean which one is better ? genuine or OEM lel?

definitely genuine, but usually is very expensive.

but since u said that OEM is original den why genuine is better lel?

dunno how to explain… u have a read at this: … nufacturer