Need for Speed Carbon, Madden NFL 07 available for launch

Need for Speed Carbon, Madden NFL 07 available for launch of Wii

Electronic Arts today announced that Madden NFL 07 and Need for Speed Carbon will both be available for the Nintendo Wii when it is released on 19 November.

Madden NFL 07, which was released on multiple platforms earlier this month, is the latest installment of EA’s long-running football game series. EA says that the Wii version will have a special control system, dubbed “Madden FreeMotion,” that “takes advantage of the revolutionary controller design” of the Wii. The Wii controller has a built-in motion sensor that makes waving the controller around a crucial part of the controls.

Electronic Arts also announced that there will be other features exclusive to the Wii version, including multiplayer mini-games, a simplified version of the play calling system, and new in-game tutorials.

Need for Speed Carbon, also a cross-platform title, will take advantage of the unique Wii controller as well, according to EA. It will also make use of the “Nunchuk” attachment, a joystick-type extension to the Wii controller. Electronic Arts said that more than 50 different cars are available in the game, each of which is fully customizable. Need for Speed Carbon will be released on 31 October for other video game platforms. … 60623.html

Both Need for Speed Carbon and Madden NFL 07 are also planned to be released as launch titles for the PS3.

I wonder if the Nintendo Wii will even be available here in Miri, since the Nintendo Game Cube had almost zero sales and was only available on special order if you wanted one.