Need Distributors who travel to the Interiors/Urbans/ Brunei


I am looking for distirbutors currently who are delivering / making frequent trips to Bruinei, the interior parts of Sarawak, logging camps and so on.

I have business opportunities for them who frequent these areas, and these products are in high demand by the locals of the interiors but is still very scarce in the market.

There is a very lucrative commission for those who is interested in this distributive business.

Kindly PM me for more info or we can have a meet up for discussions.

Thank you.

can you pm me the details, i am working in timber contractor company, got many suppliers working in these area so pm the details thanks


PM sent. Thank you

I will also need the attention of those who are frequently travelling to and fro from Brunei.
We have very big market at Brunei also.

I go bk brunei Once a month ohhh,can i apply???

nkliong I’ve sent you a PM, kindly check.

what’s the product?

pm me with detail, i working with a palm oil industry and will goes brunei weekly (weekend mostly)

PM me with the details. Thanks.

very frequently travelling to brunei, pm me the details. what kinds of legal goods are you distributing over in brunei?

Pm me for details, i frequent travel to interior of sarawak

PM me… I can hlp u on that.

Hi All,

PM sent. Kindly check.

Thank you for your interests.

me too…frequent in brunei =)

Traveling is my hobby, Working and enjoying it at the same time is good, PM me