Need advise on the new China Iphone 3GS

Can anyone share ur experience with this China iphone ?

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China Iphone 3Gs?

yes it got wifi now .


check this, … /index.asp
only rm290,warranty 1 year
and lots more look alike…


Its a piece of crap straight into my garbage can after 1 day of using. Ppl cant call in, sms go through but apparently didnt receive my message. Please China ppl, stop imitating products. Go do what you does best, overpopulating and over-polluting the earth

China I-phone?
For fooling other ppl ok lah, but function wise, very sorry la…
Wifi can use but very lousy.

pls lah u know its imitate why buy later blame them. :lol:

one thing good about it, loud speaker and can show off lah but dun switch on lah, see the font also know edi it’s imitation.

reliability is a nono.